Your Online Privacy is Your Right

What is InPrivateSearch?

InPrivateSearch is a search engine and browser extension for Chrome that was built to protect your privacy when you search the internet.

Why is protecting search privacy important?

Because there’s a good chance you are be profiled based on your search history. Big search engines, like Google and Bing, routinely track your web searches and use the information they gather from your search history to build your user profile. This profile can be used for many things, like aggressive advertising.

How does InPrivateSearch protect your privacy?

Your search privacy is protected whenever you use the InPrivateSearch search engine. Unlike other search engines, we never track your searches or store your search history. All searches through InPrivateSearch are totally anonymous.

What is the InPrivateSearch Chrome extension for?

We developed the InPrivateSearch browser extension to take protecting your search privacy to the next level. With InPrivateSearch for Chrome, your searches on search engines across the internet, like Bing and Google, will no longer be tracked as they will automatically be sent through to our search engine, which does not track web searches and does not record search history.